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Custom Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel Information, Wagon Wheel History. For over 50 Years our family has been making customers a Custom Wagon Wheel in Eastern KY and Eastern PA. A Custom Wagon Wheel for sale from us is hand made from quality materials and handmade in the USA. We do not produce or sell seconds, only quality made Custom Wagon Wheels. Our Wood Custom Wagon Wheel, Steel Wagon Wheels, Cannon Wheels and Buggy-Carriage wheels can be found around the world on working wagons and carriages.
You will find our Custom Wagon Wheel In the movies (Paramount, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers Pictures, Disney, Turner Films), on TV (Trading Places, Into The West, Myth Busters), on the beach at resorts, in university theater groups and major theme parks (Disney, Six Flags, Silver Dollar City, Kennywood, Tweetsie Rail Road) across America.

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When you have a Wagon Wheel made from our Wagon Wheel Information family, you become a member of the family. We back up every Wagon Wheel and Wagog we sell. Read what our customers say about our family of companies and the products we make.

Over the past Fifty Years we have receive thousands of letters and e-mails from a Custom Wagon Wheel, Wagon Wheel Chandeliers, Wagon Wheel Hub Lamps, Cannon Wheels, Carriage Wheels, Custom Wagon Wheels, Horse Drawn Wagons, Buggy's, Carriages, Chuck Wagons. and Custom Wagons we have made, Below are some of the comments from some of the thousands of customers we sell products to each year with a very small sample of our customers comments.

Cart Wheels

Attention Jay Jones:

Jay I received the wheels and axle I ordered recently and they are beautiful. As I told you, I am building a peddlers cart for my great grandchildren. I have the box and handles made and installed.

I am waiting for four small brackets that hold the awning roof and it will be complete except for the staining or painting. I used some of the prettiest oak for the box and handles.  The piece I used was about 13” wide and 16’ long and there was not one blemish in the entire piece.

Did you make the wheels in your shop? I am a wood guy and I wish I lived closer to you, I would like to see all of your equipment for making such beautiful wheels.

As soon as I have the roof on the cart, I will send you pictures. Thank you for all of your help and I really appreciate your friendly service.

Bob Klemme
Enid, OK

wagon wheels

Cannon Wheels

Hello Jay

How are you?

Thanks for your help. We made the wagons with your wheels.

They are used in shopping mall`s food court. Please see attached some phots.

Again, I appreciate all your help, the project would never have been built without your help.


Tomo Furuhashi
株式会社日本演出 古橋

To all the people who have sent us pictures of their smokers and BBQ projects, I am sorry that we just do not have the room for all the emails. We are going to put up some of the many pictures that we receive each month. We will be building a page just for smokers and BBQ’s in the next few weeks, so you will see your emails and your projects on the web.

Thanks for your trust in our products; we know how you people feel about the food you turn out on these cooking instruments.

Jay Jones
Custom Wagons

Smoker - BBQ Steel Wheels Steel Wheels, Smoker, BBQ Smoker, BBQ, Steel Wagon Wheels

Cart Wheels

ב-20 במאי 2014, בשעה

Hello Jay,

Enclosed are pictures of your wheels on the new Ice Royal Frozen Yogurt concession stand.

None of it would have been possible without the excellent help of you and your team to get the wheels made and help with the problems of shipping.

Thank you again for the help and working with us to make this happen.


Assaf Shamay
International Marketing Manager
Ice Royal  ltd
Rishon Le Zion Israel

Dear Jay,

I completed the cannon project. The wheels look perfect. It is a Hotchkiss mountain gun in muzzle loading form. (to avoid problems) I made the castings for the carriage. The carriage is made of 1/8 inch plate with an angle iron frame.

Thanks for your help with the construction.

Best Regards,

Dan Mulderig
Arnold, MO

Mulderig Cannon

Over the years I have learned that Wagons, Wagon Wheels and Cowboys knows no boundaries or borders, it is evident in this letter from Switzerland.

Hello Jay,

Please excuse my English, this is a translation program, I hope for you it works and you understand.

I have enclosed picture from me with your wheels on cowboy gun cart, you very helpful in helping me to get what I need for gun cart.

Thank you so very much helping me,

Gyger Jürg
Mels, Switzerland

Gyger Switzerland

Dear Jay and Family,

This is my buckboard that I used for Cowboy Action Shooting. It has a detachable gun rack to hold a rifle and shotgun which is not shown. The wooden bucket is used with a pair of long tongs to pick up empty brass and shotgun shells. I have a scoop designed for cat litter to sift the sand out of it and all brass is deposited in the spittoon for reloading.

The box was made for the military for some reason and was olive drab with "U.S". stenciled on it. I painted it black and mounted cabinet handles on each side. It contains ammunition and accessories such as the tongs, ear protectors, thermos, cup, canteen. I also have a small ice chest with cold water. I have also put an iPOD player in a sack playing cowboy music.

The wagon has been stored in my shed with junk piled on top of it, so I decided to make a better use for it and it will be parked under a tree in the shade where the sprinklers won't hit it and the buckets will make good cactus planters. It will also be a nice photo prop for grandchildren pictures.

Jerry Dupree
La Quinta, California

Jerry Dupree Wagon

Dear Jay and Family,

Wheels arrived this week and they are beautiful. I have attached a photo of my gun cart that I use for cowboy action shooting. These wheels are unreal, they make pulling the cart so easy.

You were a lot of help talking me through the process and helping with the wheels that I needed to make this gun cart work.

Brett Simison
Haiku, Hawaii

Brett Simison Gun Cart

Dear Jay,

Please find enclosed a photo of the dump cart we rebuilt this winter with the help of the wheels you provided. It was greatly appreciated that you were able to use the original hubs as most of the carts other hardware was also reused. Please feel free to give out my contact information to anyone looking for references, everyone here was very pleased with the quality of your work..

NOTE: The front wheels on this project are 48" in dia. and the rear wheels are 54" in dia. The wheels have eighteen spokes and are 4.0" wide.


Ian McCarthy
Sargent Corporation
Stillwater, Maine

Sargent Corp. Wagon


Finished my 5/8's scale decorative Chuck Wagon, it is 6 feet long and 30 inches wide. Your wheels helped me make the project. I told you I'd send your some pictures, you will find them enclosed.

Thanks for your help and putting up with me on this project!

Bob Evans
Harrison, Arkansas

Bob Evans Chuck Wagon


Just installed the table last weekend with the wheels I purchased from your company!!!

I thought you may want to see your wheels. The table is 10' long and 44" wide and made of Texas mesquite. The new owner loves the table.

Bill Silk
King Wood, TX

Wagon Wheel Table

Dear Jay,

Wheels have arrived in a bit less than 24 hrs transit time... They are exactly what I hoped for. Very well made and in perfect scale for my purpose.. Frankly, considering what goes into making such a complex structure I don't see how you can sell them for such a reasonable price.

I went straight into the shop and turned the axle so I could make a trial assembly before bed time.. like a kid with a new toy! I will send a picture when things are further along. Again, thanks for all your help.

Fred Davis
Onancock, VA

Fred Davis Cannon Wheels


If any customer wants to e-mail me inquiring about your quality and workmanship you are more than welcome to give out my e-mail address. Thanks again for the great wheels, they really add a authentic look to what has been a very fun winter project.

Rod Yarger
Yakima, WA

Rod Yarger Cannon Wheels

Jay Jones
Custom Wagons

I bought a chandelier from you a couple yrs. ago and it's been great!!!! I would like to duplicate it, except make it 32". Everyone comments on it, and i was impressed with the workmanship on it.

I would also be interested at looking at some of your other products

Robert Post
Andover, CT

Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Jay Jones
Custom Wagons

Your help and support was appreciated in getting to the museum the 12 foot wagon wheel used for our new exhibit. The new exhibit was dedicated on July 4, 2006.

Thank you again for all your help and the professional manner in which you worked with us.

Linda Byers, Superintendent
Fort Bridger State Museum and Historic Site
Fort Brider, Wyoming

Ft. Bridger Wagon Wheel


This is so beautiful! It could not have been a more perfect match to my decor!

Thank you so much for such quality!

Shirley & Gary Phillips
Ada, Oklahoma

Phillipis Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Dear Jay,

My friends went crazy when they saw my crummy little Jerald Cart and what your wheels did to dress it up. (Jerald Cart had smaller bicycle type wheels)

Thanks so much. I am so proud of my new wheels!

New Mexico

Jeannie Cart Wheels

About a month ago I ordered a couple of wagon wheels for a cart I am making and had questions on how to make an axle. Jay Jones responded to me and said to write back leaving my number so he could call me and tell me how to do it.

Well I just got the Wheels and they are AWSOME!! I can't wait to put them on. I look forward to your call, you guys ARE GREAT!!

M. Goods
Wailuku, Hawaii

Dear Jay,

I wanted to e-mail these pictures to you to show the wonderful job your company did for my project.

The stagecoach project was taken from a picture I found on stagecoaches of the west. It is a 1850's Wells Fargo coach. My application is a gun cart for my S.A.S.S. affiliation. The trunk flap in the rear opens and the guns are placed in a lay down gun rack. The seat up front opens and will hold around 600 rounds of ammunition. On a pull scale it reads approximately 10# to move the coach.

I want to thank you again for all your help, and I will pass on your address to my friends who are already wanting to build their own. Share the pictures with anyone who wants to build a project of there own Note: This project took three weeks at one hour each night and four hours on two weekends. Not much time but a lot of fun.

My next project is in the works ,so I'll be ordering more wheels soon.

Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart Stage Coach

Just thought that you might want to see how your wagon wheels I purchased back in October 2004 are being used.

I have had a great time with this project. It's been the most fun since learning to fly 25 years ago.

I used the 32" - 16 spoke with Heavy Aluminum hub and rubber tires along with brass bearings to which I added 2 sets of 10 ball steel sealed bearings to the outer races. Then I painted everything bright yellow and mounted them on the Buffalo Concession Cart.

I have been getting dozens of compliments on how Unique, Original and Outstanding the cart looks with your wheels.

I searched for over a year to find a cart to match and I finally ended up building my own design. I recently posted the new web site for cart sales and I have 2 potential buyers already! I am looking forward to doing more business with your company in the future! Your product was just what I needed.

Russell Holt

Russell Holt Cart

Dear Jay,

We just got our three chandeliers up, the pictures I am sending do not do them justice, the are so nice. Thank you for your help with our project and understand what we wanted to do.

Herring Farms
Lake Park, GA

To The Custom Wagons Chandelier Team,

Just wanted to let you know our wagon wheel chandelier is up and working, and it looks awesome. We get many compliments on it.

Arlene & Richard
San Jose, CA

The chandelier just came and it is absolutely beautiful and well worth waiting for. It evens matches the antique furniture that I have in the room. Thank you so much!

Ruth Ann
Hasbrouck Height, NJ

Our school play of Oklahoma was a success thanks to your bucket, butter churn and wagon, they made it look real. Thank you for all your help.

Denise Allen
New York

The sun is setting, there is a cool breeze blowing, and I am setting for the first time in my new swing. LIFE IS GREAT!
Thank you for a great swing.

Josh B.
Tarpon Springs, FL

Wood Wagon Wheel ChandeliersDear Jay,

Your Wagon Wheel Chandeliers and the Farm Wagon make my barn the best looking barn in North Carolina.

The patience that you and your people had in working with me to help me get the right items for the look that I wanted went well beyond the norm.  There was always time for someone to speake with me and help make the right decision.

It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife and family, especially Bo the Black Lab shop dog.

Again, thank you so much for all you did to assist me and my barn project, I really love my barn now.

Jamie Pharr
North Carolina

Cannon Wheel Steel Wagon Wheel Buggy-Carriage Wheel Wagon Wheel

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